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Window Cleaning

Are your windows long overdue a professional cleaning service? No matter, if you’re looking for us to clean the windows of your home or business, our team of experienced cleaners are ready to help. Using the latest equipment, as well as 100% purified water, we ensure your windows & doors will be sparkling in no time at all. So contact our experts today to arrange a service.

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Vehicle-mounted Reach & Wash Systems

Using modern day cleaning equipment, our team can carry out all services from the safety of the ground. Our vehicle-mounted reach and wash systems allow us to reach heights and angles not accessible by ladders. With this equipment, there’s no need to worry about ladder marks on your lawn, or missed windows above your conservatory. No matter what windows need cleaning, we’ll be able to provide the attention they need.

Cleaning Windos With A Bruch

Bespoke Cleaning Services

Our goal is to provide unique cleaning solutions for all of our customers, tailored specifically for their property’s needs. This means we can include add-on services for your property at competitive prices. Whether your gutters needs clearing, or looking to restore the look of your driveway, we can include these as part of your bespoke package.

100% Purified Water

Using our de-ionisation technology, we use only 100% purified water to clean your windows. Therefore our treatments remove all traces of minerals and impurities your windows may encounter from pollution and other contaminants. Additionally, this protects flower beds and other plants beneath your windows from being damaged by soapy water and other cleaning agents.

Call Back Guarantee

We are proud to offer call back guarantees with all our cleaning services. In other words, if you are not happy with your clean, get in touch within 24 hours, and our team will return the same or next working day, free of charge.

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Call or email us today to arrange a cleaning service for your windows today.

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