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Conservatory & Solar Panel Cleaning

It’s not always easy to predict when you can expect sunny weather. But you can ensure you make the most of it with our exterior cleaning services for your property. Not only are we available to professionally clean your home’s conservatory, but we can also wash your solar panels as well. So whether you’re looking for a beautiful spot to enjoy the sun, or make the most of your solar energy investment, our team is here to help. Get in contact to arrange a professional clean today 

Cleaning Solar Panels With Brush

Glass Roof Cleaning

Along with conservatories, we can also assist with cleaning glass roofs of other home extensions, as well as skylights. Plus this service can also be combined with our roof cleaning services to ensure no aspect is overlooked. Call us now to discuss a bespoke package which best suits your property.

There's More!

It’s not all about just conservatories, we can clean sky lights, balustrades, carports & plastic roofs too, keeping every part of your home squeaky clean.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Keeping your solar panels clear of dirt and debris not only improves the efficiency of your PV system, but helps extend the lifespan of your installation. Regular cleaning sessions help prevent the build-up of destructive contaminants in and around your solar panels. This includes mould, algae and other forms of bacteria which can damage the internal components of your panels. So arrange a cleaning session now, and keep your installation in top condition throughout the year.

Contact Eljet Exterior Cleaning

Whether you are looking for specialist support with the cleaning of your solar panels or conservatory, reach out to our team by phone or email to book a service with us today.

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