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Render & Roof Cleaning

Keeping your render and roofing in pristine condition can not only increase your property value, but also avoid future repair bills, by preventing long-term structural damages. These treatments are available for both residential and commercial customers, and can be combined with any of our other cleaning services as part of a bespoke package. For more details or to arrange our services, get in contact with our professionals today.

Clean House Render


For more delicate surfaces such as roofing and most render, we utilise softwashing techniques to clean these exterior aspects. With a gentle application of water and effective cleaning agents, our team clears these surfaces with ease whilst preventing cracks or deterioration.

Clean Roof Tiles

Roofing Treatments

Over time, your roofing can come under significant strain with the gathering of moss on and in between your roof tiles, dislodging them and cracking the surrounding mortar. However, using a combination of scrapers and scaffold towers, we remove moss, algae, and lichen before they can cause long-term damage to your roofing. Also as an add-in service, we can apply a protective coating to prevent the regrowth of such destructive substances. Get in contact to find out more.

Render Treatments

We use soft washing equipment to help preserve the stability of your render. Our cleaning agents will break down the green build up on your walls and render, as well as any other surface dirt or debris.

Rejuvenate Your Property

With our specialist cleaning treatments, we can restore the look of your property by clearing away such contaminants as bird fouling, rust stains and streaks from overflowing gutters. We also offer additional services for your fascia boards and guttering as add-on services. Find out more about our bespoke cleaning options by speaking with our staff today. 

Contact Eljet Exterior Cleaning

For more details on any of our render or roof cleaning services, feel free to get in touch.

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